Thunder’s Slow Start Will Not Define Them. The Finish Will.

‘The Process’ is more important then the product – Inky Johnson

When hockey teams make changes to coaching staff, lineups, managements etc. sometimes the process of developing a winning team takes time.  In 2015 when Lori Dupuis started by drafting Sarah Edney with the 1st overall pick, it began and they won’t be looking back.  What is the process?

The definition of a true underdog is the Brampton Thunder. No NHL affiliation, no free handouts, no recognition among the other clubs in the league.  The Thunder have always felt like odd man out. In 2015, the Thunder changed that.  The high-powered offense, the crushingly physical defense and stellar goaltending opened the eyes of opposing teams.  Playing in Memorial Arena made the women’s game faster, more physical and creative.  Less time and space, but more of an opportunity to showcase elite hockey skill.   You had to be ruthless to play the Thunder in Memorial.  The Thunder forced teams to change.

So going back to the original question. What is the process?  It’s a combination of organization, believing, developing and executing.  The Thunder knows that to win the Clarkson Cup you need to do 2 things.
One.  Get in the playoffs.
Two. Win 3 of 4 games.

The record in the regular season sets up the matchups. Once you’re in, the real season begins. That’s the focus in the dressing room of the Thunder. Willing to come to work everyday knowing that everything is stacked against them. The schedule was stacked against them. The start of the year, sacrificing starting two weeks early, stacked against them. They are still here, and they are hungry.

‘The 2016 season is going to be our year.  It’s going to start right away.’  That has not been the case.  The Thunder have been struggling to put the puck in the net and have started the season with only 5 wins.  Opposing teams improved at the draft and filled holes to even out the skill level in the league.   The Thunder are still trying to find themselves as a hockey club with the new additions.

“It begins with practice, preparation and accountability.” Says Coach Fines.  “This is the best league in the world.  The league is full of competitors and women who love to play the game.  Each night is a test and there are no easy games.”

So what has to happen? What can the Thunder do to get back to the winning attitude? The answer is simple. Dedication, execution and adapt to adversity.  Teams are not going to be giving the Thunder any free wins this season.  They know that when the Thunder hit the ice, it’s going to be a war.  The Thunder appreciates your support and continues to ask to follow and believe in the direction of the organization. From the players, coaching staff and management, we thank you for being apart of our family. GO THUNDER!