Thunder looking for boom from within to rise in the standings!

Just about the only positive about a last place finish for the Brampton Thunder two
seasons in a row is the spoils of a high draft position.
After selecting Laura Fortino first overall in 2014, she finished second on the team in
scoring with 15 points. Second round pick, Jamie Lee Rattray, notched 13 points which ranked
her third.

The hope is that the 2015 crop can have the same kind of immediate impact on the

???We picked up quite a few good players in the draft this year; we got very lucky,?۝ said
General Manager Lori Dupuis who is entering her third season at the helm, ???we got good, young

But Dupuis acknowledges that jumping into a new league and impacting that league
aren?۪t always synonymous. ???Normally it takes about a year for people to kind of settle into our league; get used to
the physicality of it, get used to the speed of it, get used to the different type of hockey than
what they were playing in CIS or NCAA,?۝ explains Dupuis, ???So I assume that those girls that we
got from the draft last year will be that much better this year and know what to expect and
therefore, have a much better season.?۝

A scary thought for opposition without a doubt.

After four seasons at Harvard, first overall pick Sarah Edney never finished with fewer
than 20 points. Couple that with the offensively minded Fortino and the Thunder blue-line has
potential to give the opposition headaches and that?۪s before even factoring in the rest of the
defence core.

???We?۪ve got a really, really good back end. We have four National Team players vying for
a spot for the next Olympics in Edney, (Courtney) Brichard, (Jocelyn) Larocque, and Fortino,?۝
said Dupuis, ???And I?۪d be remised without mentioning our other two defence who are (Leah)
Whittaker and (Dania) Simmonds who have been very big, very good mainstays, very good
stay-at-home defenders . . . I think they round out those four very well.?۝

But it?۪s not just defence that will get Brampton into the Clarkson Cup conversation; like
any successful team the forwards must be able to get it done and Dupuis is well aware:
???We really kind of bolstered our roster with the forwards this year. We?۪ve got young talent
coming in . . . they all come very highly touted, played well in their college system last year. But
then we have returning players, Jess Jones, who was our leading scorer last year . . . We?۪ve got
(Jesse) Scanzano back again who used to be part of the National Program but is going to be
with us for the full season . . . So I think we?۪ve got some really good talent up front. I think
there?۪s going to be a lot of exciting players to watch this