Sherri McLean Keeps Game Days On Track

Photo courtesy of Sherri McLean

The Markham Thunder is more than what you see on the ice – game days would not be possible without the hard work of many people behind the scenes. Our team of volunteers is outstanding. This season, we welcomed back most of the group from Brampton, and also saw our volunteer family grow. For National Volunteer Week 2018, we’d like you to meet one of our longest serving volunteers, Sherri McLean.

Photo: Heather Pollock

Sherri is our Volunteer Manager, her first year in this role, but she has been on the team for four seasons. “In other years I was the timekeeper, have done ticket sales and merchandise sales.” Before that? She was a #ThunderNation season ticket holder, then… “One day I saw a Facebook post that the team needed volunteers and thought it was a perfect fit!”

She has taken on her new important role with pride, “It’s my job to ensure that things run smoothly so that others can just concentrate on the game.” But what exactly does the Volunteer Manager do you ask? “The Volunteer Manager assigns positions, oversees all the other volunteers, coordinates with the GM and overall ensures that everything runs smoothly for the people coming to see the game.”

Photo courtesy of Sherri McLean

Why does Sherri love being a volunteer? Getting to know the rest of the team – fellow volunteers, players and staff. “We are all one big family working together for the good of the team,” she says, “Knowing the effort that the players, coaches, and team staff put in, it is up to us volunteers to ensure that everything else runs smoothly so that there are no distractions for the team. Our volunteer team works hard, but still has a lot of fun together!”

Thinking of joining the Champs and becoming a volunteer next season? Keep an eye on our social channels near the end of the summer! What does Sherri think makes volunteering the best? “Volunteering gives one a sense of purpose while creating a sense of belonging to a community. Our volunteer staff have created such wonderful friendships at the rink and away from it,” she says. “These are friendships that I will treasure for a lifetime!”