DJ Ratty Spills Her Skills

Photo by Chris Tanouye

Jamie Lee Rattray takes her job as resident Thunder DJ very seriously. As Melissa Wronzberg put it in one of our #ThunderQP videos, her pump-up song is, “Whatever Rattray puts on!” So we asked her some important questions about her important role – here’s what she said:

How did you pick the goal song (Work Remix) for the past season?

The goal song I actually heard from a friend of mine, and it was a pretty catchy up-tempo version of a fan favourite. I thought it would sound pretty good in the background of our team celebrations! One that people can sing too, but also get excited about because it’s very upbeat.

The song played after every win last season was Sorry Not Sorry. Was that a team pick?

Ya, after a game early on in the season it came on the playlist and we all decided that it would be the one!

Coming up with the warmup (on and off ice) playlist is a big responsibility. You are known as the locker room DJ. How do you pick the music with so many different tastes on the team?

There is a lot of pressure being the DJ! I do enjoy it very much though, it’s something that has become a part of my game day routine! I love putting together playlists for any occasion so it’s always fun putting them together for the girls to suit their pre-game mood. I usually try and put together a new playlist every weekend, keeps it fresh in the locker room, nothing worse than having the same songs over and over. I try to mix it up, throw in some new songs that you will hear on the radio currently and then usually some songs that will always be a locker room hits!

During the games, in-arena DJ Dania takes over. What do you think of her skills?

Dania does a fantastic job! She has a great mix of new and old, and keeps it fresh throughout the games so we aren’t hearing the same songs throughout the season.

Are you already thinking of changes and additions to it for the upcoming season? If so, can you give us some hints?

Oh yes! The warm-up mix will be brand new! New season new warm-up mix — no hints allowed, you will have to come out to the games to hear it for yourself!

Finally, we asked her to share some of her favourite songs right now and put them into a Spotify Playlist (plus the goal and win songs)